AGS-9/S-F agri-tracker™

Security & management System of immobile and mobile fuel tanks, with the unique capability of transmitting notications about theft of fuel in real time and at especially high resolution!
The system is based on applications for mobile devices and computers and is intended for agriculture, heavy engineering equipment sectors and various organizations (hospitals, industrial factories,Transportation companies, more).

Advantages of use and characteristics of the system:

  • Active GPRS transmitter with an integrated GPS that alerts and sends a precise warning to the cellular device.
  • The level of warning, reporting and monitoring fuel is at the highest resolution!
  • Monitoring of the fuel in the tank includes continuous monitoring of the quantity of fuel in the tank 24/7.
  • Unique, reliable and efcient formula that supplies alerts of fuel theft!
  • Record of all refueling events of the tank and fueling by authorized vehicles.
  • Record of fueling with vehicle identifcation (by means of a coding device and unique code for each vehicle).
  • Capability of producing an automatic daily/monthly report directly to the email of the user.

Important note: For mobile tanks (on the vehicles themselves), the system transforms into an advanced protection system for the vehicle itself and its fuel tank

  • The unit on mobile tanks (tanks of vehicles) serves as a dedicated tool for managing the organization’s fleet of vehicles.
  • Protection/location/management of a vehicle/tank that is recognized for use by insurance companies!
  • Has the capability to add vehicles, agricultural implements and tanks with no limits on the same application.
  • Issues alerts in the event of exiting the boundaries of the sector (virtual fence) that were specifed in advance.
  • Automatic speed and tracking warning sensor alerts when travelling at more than 50 km\h.
  • Motion sensor for preventing theft + lifting of the ground + capability to recognize an attempt to start the engine + disconnection of the battery.
  • Possibility of integrating a camera!
  • Data is saved at the history level.
  • Capability of changing the specifcations of the system from the smartphone!
  • Capability of sending alerts to various/additional telephone numbers.
  • Installation at the customer’s site.
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