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Resources Management System - Decision Support
System (DSS) for farmers

AG-Sense, Specializes in the optimization of Decision Support System (DSS) in the agricultural field. We do not replace the farmer's knowledge, but rather provide the tools that help him and the professional team make the right decisions at various stages of the growth. The automated system measures, collects, monitors and analyzes information from different sensors that help the team make decisions, each according to its needs and at different points
of time.

A System for Measuring Resources:

  • Times
  • Area
  • Quantities
  • Distances
  • Soil moister & temperature
  • Whether & Radiation levels and data
  • Agricultural Production/yield

Decision Support System for Farmers:

  • Field Crops
  • Plantations
  • Sprayers - Fertilizers for Farming
  • Sprayers - Pesticides
  • Vineyards
  • Agronomists

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Proven Field test:
The system developed by AG-Sense has been Successfully operates in Israel in Field Crops, Dates and Pears orchards.
The system provides A lot of information that gives a Full Picture and an Updated Feedback to the different users regarding the Quality of Work at a Daily practice.

High resolution data and measurements:

  • Working time On / Near the tree
  • Employee Rest time
  • Measuring exact travel speed at decimal level
  • A history of data and the ability to compare data on the ground with previous years in the same period
  • Quality control of spraying according to the agricultural protocol according to the measures of speed of travel, temperature / humidity / wind and quantity of spraying material according to the size of the area
  • Measurement of planting / harvesting / spraying area in field crops
  • Tracking, protecting and managing the agricultural fleet

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