The AGS-ATM​™​ Security Solution for ATMs

Physical threats to ATMs are on the rise1, including machine theft, break-ins, and vandalism. To have a chance at recovering your machine - and your money - you need to respond immediately to threats as they occur. AGS-ATM ™ protects both the valuable ATM machine as well as the cash inside. It automatically notifies you if a machine is being breached or moved and tracks the machine’s geolocation to assist in its recovery.


  • Identifies the type of threat, such as: ​Open doors, movement, vibration, light, temperature change and increase, power cut-off, buzzer​, and more
  • Immediately ​alerts you - and your designated call center - when there is an issue
  • Get alerted if your ATM leaves its ​geo-fenced location
  • Track stolen​ ATMs in real-time by their GPS location
  • Backup battery​ for continuous machine status and location tracking, even when electricity is disconnected
  • Setup​, ​monitor​, and ​control ​your entire ATM fleet via the AGS-ATM ™ app on your smartphone
  • Turn machines ​on and off​ remotely, eliminating manual technician service
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Clients Testimonials:

AGS-ATM™ real-time response allowed us to prevent the break-in to an ATM.

We recieved an alert that one of our ATM machines had breached it's geo-fencing. We were able to monitor its location using GPS tracking, and shared this information with the police. They then seized both the thieved and the machine.

The AGS-ATM™ security system alerted our company immediatly when an ATM break-in began. Weh then alerted the police and the burglers ran off when they heared the police sirens.


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